Japan Open Café: Improving trade between EU & Japan

The EU and Japan came to a broad agreement for the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement this past summer. It is intended to remove barriers on trade between both sides and will affect global trade in many ways. The agreement has been in development for years, but in light of events such as Brexit and the US’ withdrawal from the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) seems now all the more significant. What will the agreement do, and what will the impact be for Dutch-Japanese trade relations and individual businesses?
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Japan Open Café: Abdication of Emperor Akihito

Emperor Akihito’s plans to abdicate have resulted in a lot of discussion around the world. It has been 200 years since a Japanese emperor last chose abdication. What kind of social, political, and legal consequences might this have? This also brings up the discussion of the past, present, and future role of the imperial family in general.
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Save the Date(s): Japen Open Café

Japan Open Café – September edition (27 September)

The September edition of Japan Open Café will center around the topic of the Japanese Imperial Family. Emperor Akihito’s plans to abdicate have resulted in a lot of discussion around the world. What kind of social, political, and economic consequences might this have?

As always, two interesting speakers will provide different perspectives on this topic. More information about the speakers will follow soon!

Date: 27 September, 18:00
Location: Koorenhuis, The Hague
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Japan Open Café – November edition (29 November)

In the final Japan Open Café of 2017 we will discuss the EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement. This Agreement is intended to remove certain barriers and will affect global trade in many ways. It has been in development for years, but in light of events such as Brexit and the US’ withdrawal from the TPP seems all the more significant.

Once again two speakers will share their views and discuss them with us. The speakers will be announced in the weeks before the event!

Date: 29 November, 18:00
Location: Koorenhuis, The Hague
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Japan Open Café

Thanks everyone for attending yesterday’s Japan Open Café!

We welcomed a smaller but very curious group of people with many questions to our speakers. We hope you’ve gained some more knowledge about the view of Japan on the Paris climate agreement (where our speaker Takahide Suzuki spoke for example on if it is possible for Japan to make a switch to renewable energy instead of coal-powered or nuclear energy) and how the Netherlands and Japan are collaborating on e.g. climate change adaptation with our second speaker Koos Wieriks. And of course that you went home with a few new contacts within the Japan network!

The next edition of the Japan Open Café will be after the summer, on September 27th! Save the date (and spread the word)!

Japan Open Café: Japan and climate change

While summer is starting around us in the Netherlands, we would like to welcome you to our pre-summer Japan Open Café on 28 June 2017 in the Hague!

As previously, two speakers will share their perspective on a major news item worldwide, and in Japan:

Japan and climate change: responses to Trump’s rejection of the Paris Accord

While sustainability and climate change are becoming increasingly urgent topics in Japan and worldwide, Donald Trump recently made headlines (again) with his decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement. This Japan Open Café will discuss perspectives from Japan on this decision: how did the media, politicians and citizens respond? How is sustainability as a topic developing in Japan? And how is Japan collaborating internationally to mitigate the effects of climate change? “Japan Open Café: Japan and climate change” verder lezen

Japan Open Café: Japan and the US: a changing relationship?

We are back with our first Japan Open Café of 2017! This edition will take place in The Hague, and will feature two speakers to discuss a very timely topic:

The inauguration of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the USA promises a changing role of the US on the world stage. This raises many issues. How will a Trump presidency affect the US-Japan relationship? Also, will there be an impact on Japan’s position towards Europe?

On March 29th, the next Japan Open Café provides an opportunity to discuss these and other related questions. Two speakers will provide their perspectives on this relationship, and the possible effects on diplomacy, politics, and business.

About the speakers

Noriyuki Oka is a media professional with a broad international background. He is, among other things, a prolific writer of articles concerning marketing, technology, and business. He will tackle the question: “How do the Japanese perceive Donald Trump”. 

Bryce Wakefield is university lecturer at Japan Studies of Leiden University. His fields of interest are Foreign and defence policies of Japan, Domestic Japanese political discourse, Political Marketing in Japan, International Relations and Comparative Politics. Bryce has a PhD of Auckland University in Political Studies and started as a lecturer in Leiden in 2013.

For more detailed information about the speakers and updates about the programme check out our Facebook event page, and while you’re there let us and your friends know if you will attend.


  • When: Wednesday, March 29
  • Time: 6pm to 8pm
  • Where: Bazaar of Ideas, Den Haag (Hoefkade 11)
  • What: Informal networking with two short presentations and Q&A
  • Who: Anyone with a (business) interest in Japan

About the Japan Open Café

The Japan Open Café welcomes everybody with an interest in Japan! Our goal is to establish an informal platform for people who occupy themselves with Japan in any way, whether for business or out of personal interest. We wish to provide the opportunity to connect, share knowledge, and discuss ideas with individuals from different fields and various backgrounds.

Japan Open Café

Omslag Nachtwild

Op 20 april vindt het volgende Japan Open Café plaats, met deze keer een bijzondere spreker.

Anoek de Groot is auteur en fotograaf. Ze publiceerde recent haar debuut NACHTWILD bij uitgeverij Elmar. Ze studeerde af als kunstenares in grafiek aan de Koninklijke Kunstacademie in Den Haag. Na een aantal jaren vertrok ze naar Japan om er te dansen in nachtclubs. Wat ze niet wist is dat ze acht jaar zou wegblijven. Het begin van een nomadenbestaan. De twee jaar intensief nachtleven in Japan hebben geleid tot het boek NACHTWILD naar aanleiding van dagboeken, fotos en video opnamen die ze op zolder vond. Over deze innerlijke reis om thuis te komen, deed ze vijf jaar.

Op het Japan Open Café wordt Anoek geïnterviewd door Arjan Peters, literatuurcriticus en redacteur van de Volkskrant, over dit boek dat een inkijk geeft in een relatief onbekend onderdeel van de Japanse samenleving.

Dit interview is een onderdeel van de avond, en vindt plaats om ongeveer 18:30/18:45. Voor en na het interview is er natuurlijk volop gelegenheid om te netwerken en kennis te maken met de andere Japan Open Café bezoekers. Ook is er de mogelijkheid om het boek op deze avond te kopen. Het Japan Open Café is gratis toegankelijk. “Japan Open Café” verder lezen