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How do our customers evaluate us?

“Ronald helped us with our entry into the Japanese market. Working with Ronald has been a very positive experience. He has a combination of skills that make him unique for the work he did for us.

Next to being a pleasant person to work and travel with, he does not only master the Japanese language and culture, but he also has a good commercial sense and a talent to understand the complicated business we are active in.

Thanks to Ronald we were able to successfully enter the Japanese market with the right partner, resulting in more business then expected in a shorter time.”
Mr. Erik Kakes (International Sales & Marketing Director at Applikon Biotechnology).

“I have worked with Ronald Hilhorst for 5 years in his previous work with Asahi Intecc and have subsequently worked with him as a contracted clinical specialist from J-Link during my work with a previous company. There are very few genuine CTO clinical experts globally and I can genuinely say his knowledge and positive attitude have made a huge difference to the organisation.

In addition to this Ronald understands the clinical environment and the dynamic of a catheter lab. He understands how to support cases and how add value to the operator to maximise the chance of patient/procedural success. It is one thing knowing the right answer but Ronald possesses the skills, tact and commercial acumen to know the best way to make his point during a case, always with the patient’s best interest in mind.

Commercially Ronald has impressed me with his understanding of the commercial process and how companies can maximise their investment. He has provided constant and important feedback about processes that have made a difference to our customers and our sales.

I would be delighted to provide further references for Ronald.”
Mr. Steve Boardman (United Kingdom).

“EPS Vascular have had the pleasure of working with Ronald Hillhorst for the past 5 years. Firstly in his capacity as responsible for sales and marketing within Europe for Asahi Intecc. and later as a consultant with his own company. It has been very rewarding to work with Ronald since he has a very professional attitude towards any business opportunities or issues that may arise. His ability to look at issues from both our and his own perspective has enabled us to create the best solution for all involved. He has a keen interest in the business of the people for whom he works and the solution for the customer that works long term. I greatly recommend Ronald Hillhorst as a resource for any company.”
Mr. Jörgen Petersson (EPS Vascular, Denmark).
“I found that Ronald, who I approached for coordinating a field research trip to the Netherlands, was engaged as marketing consultant and business consultant. Nevertheless in the area of field research he has great skills to coordinate. During this trip I was able to gather plenty information for my research purposes. Furthermore understanding my needs and questions for the knowledge I needed, he was able to give us clear answers and improve our knowledge gathering, as well as being a partner that showed great flexibility to speedily adapt to our needs.”
Prof. dr. Yoshiaki Iiguni (Kochi University, Japan).
“J-Link’s Ronald Hilhorst is not only proficient in Japanese, also his knowledge extends to culture, society and economic areas. He understood my needs and contents of the research in The Netherlands very well and enabled me to have a successful research trip. I want to thank him greatly for his specialist professional efforts together with his care during my stay.”
Prof. dr. Teruaki Nanseki (Kyushu University, Japan).
“Ronald is like a human living database filled with up to date knowledge on Japan and Japanese (business) culture. He has been able to translate that into a vivid and illustrative cultural awareness course that answered to our needs. He is also trustworthy and a worthwhile sounding board for our specific situation.”
Ms. Lucrée van den Heuvel (Ballast Nedam Industriebouw, The Netherlands).
“We have requested J-Link for translation and interpretation services during a one day visit to the International Floriculture Trade Fair. Although this was only one day, I am very grateful for the care and attention in preparation of location, documents of the trip, and furthermore the attention to contact me to assure every request was met. On top of this the flexibility to accommodate in schedule changes that occurred. From agricultural point of view I could conduct my research during the fair smoothly because of the specific knowledge and terminology skills. In the future I will be very happy to request the services again.”
Mr. Maro Tamaki (Ryukyu University,Parttime tutor Japan).
“Ronald supported our business as promotion partner. Powerful and accurate in his advice. His Japanese is clear and his ability to read and write Kanji (Japanese characters) is a nice surprise. I believe he is a good mediator and link between Holland and Japan.”
Ms. Takako Osuda (HollandwebJapan, Japan).