Japan Open Café

Thanks everyone for attending yesterday’s Japan Open Café!

We welcomed a smaller but very curious group of people with many questions to our speakers. We hope you’ve gained some more knowledge about the view of Japan on the Paris climate agreement (where our speaker Takahide Suzuki spoke for example on if it is possible for Japan to make a switch to renewable energy instead of coal-powered or nuclear energy) and how the Netherlands and Japan are collaborating on e.g. climate change adaptation with our second speaker Koos Wieriks. And of course that you went home with a few new contacts within the Japan network!

The next edition of the Japan Open Café will be after the summer, on September 27th! Save the date (and spread the word)!

Japan Open Café: Japan and climate change

While summer is starting around us in the Netherlands, we would like to welcome you to our pre-summer Japan Open Café on 28 June 2017 in the Hague!

As previously, two speakers will share their perspective on a major news item worldwide, and in Japan:

Japan and climate change: responses to Trump’s rejection of the Paris Accord

While sustainability and climate change are becoming increasingly urgent topics in Japan and worldwide, Donald Trump recently made headlines (again) with his decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement. This Japan Open Café will discuss perspectives from Japan on this decision: how did the media, politicians and citizens respond? How is sustainability as a topic developing in Japan? And how is Japan collaborating internationally to mitigate the effects of climate change? Lees verder “Japan Open Café: Japan and climate change”