Japan Open Café February: Linking creative industries – NL-Japan

Dutch Design is famous around the world, and in Japan. At the same time, Japanese art and design is popular in many ways in the Netherlands. This is why the next Japan Open Café will feature speakers who connect creativity and design with Japan. 


Tetsuro Miyazaki (photographer)

Tetsuro is a Japanese Belgian photographer who has been living in the Netherlands for more than 20 years now. In the past two years, he has been working on a thought provoking personal photo project about being hāfu, or mixed race Japanese, in which he considers the question: “What does it mean to be mixed race Japanese?” He has interviewed and portrayed 90 Japanese hāfu with one parent from 65 different ‘other’ countries. Hisambition is to cover all possible 192 possible combinations with Japan in order to present a complete image of what it means to mixed race Japanese and to better understand which factors influence identity. What makes Miyazaki’s project unique is that every portrayed hāfu ask the viewer (you) one question about identity.

Rob Schalker / Founder of A Fish Named Fred

Rob Schalker is founder of the men’s wear brand A Fish Named Fred. With this brand, Rob is actively exploring the Japanese market: how to enter the market with a Dutch design fashion brand? At the same time, part of the brand’s collection is inspired by Japan, using influences of sushi, pagoda’s and other Japanese elements. At the Japan Open Café, Rob will share about these activities in Japan, and how he approaches creativity and business. 


Wednesday, February 21

Welcome from 6:30pm, speakers will start around 7:30pm (until about 8pm, followed by drinks in the bar)

Koorenhuis, Prinsegracht 27, Den Haag

Informal networking with two short presentations and Q&A

Anyone with a (business) interest in Japan

Please note! We charge a €5 entrance fee to cover organisation & location cost. It is possible to pay by pin (preferred) and cash.

About the Japan Open Café

The Japan Open Café welcomes everybody with an interest in Japan. Our goal is to establish an informal platform for people who have a professional interest in Japan, or would like to follow news and events for personal interest. We wish to provide the opportunity to connect, share knowledge, and discuss ideas with individuals from different fields and various backgrounds.